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About us

At, we strive to offer our clients the absolute best. Therefore, we operate with two, simple core values, quality products and quality service. In addition, we view your desire to purchase a sex doll as an important investment, not only monetarily, but in your sexual pleasure and overall happiness. Which is why we offer the best in customer care from the day you begin window shopping on the website until long after the purchase of your
sex doll companion. In addition to quality customer care and high-quality sex
dolls, we offer you:

Shipping to clients all over the world free of charge.
A guarantee that ensures your sex doll is perfection condition upon arrival or we will make it right.
Before and after-sales customer care, and contact via chat, phone or email.
24-7 customer service and contact via chat, phone or email.
The finest sex doll companions curated from the best artists and manufacturers.
A beautiful, diverse, and comprehensive collection of sex dolls that expands with industry improvements.
Personalized customer care from sex doll professionals as we are NOT just another doll reseller. We don’t rely entirely on review blogs and forum posts from doll owners. In fact, we own and handle sex dolls and share hands-on tips and advice.

Does sell knockoffs or fake products?

Absolutely not. We are authorized retailers of the most popular and high-quality sex dolls in the world. Aside from offering our clients the best in customer care, we guarantee our sex dolls are quality, genuine, name-brand products from designers like JY, Irontech, WM, Zelex and YL, among others. Furthermore, we guarantee our sex dolls are authentic by:

Visiting the designers and manufacturers. Doing walk-throughs of the manufacturing facilities. Checking manufacturer’s quality-control procedures. Inspecting our dolls to ensure our clients get only the best. Physically handling the dolls ourselves so we can tell you how they look, feel and perform. Full transparency: we will never tell you a doll is manufactured in the USA if it’s not!

We are the Sex Doll experts

At, we are sex doll experts. Not only do we sell the top brands in sex dolls, but we are also constantly working to ensure that those dolls meet our quality standards. We do that through our in-person, 4 step inspection process.

Factory authentication

We have visited each manufacturing facility and walked through the process of making your sex doll. From the moment the order is received until your sex doll companion is carefully packaged and readied for shipping, we have witnessed each step.

Quality inspection

Yes, we have inspected each manufacturing facility’s quality inspection department to ensure that they meet our high expectations. Furthermore, we ensure not a single detail is overlooked when your sex doll is being created.

Storage inspection

Our sex dolls are made to order, meaning, they aren’t churned out by the thousands and kept lingering in the warehouse. Each step of the creation process is detailed and completed by hand. Therefore, between each fabricating station, the sex dolls must be stored properly to ensure the doll maintains her perfect shape and beauty.

Packing and shipping inspection

Once your sex doll is completed, it is painstakingly packaged so that your doll arrives at your home in pristine condition. This involves carefully wrapping the sex doll’s hands and arms, feet and legs to prevent bending and movement during the shipping process. In addition, your doll’s beautiful head is protected with an eye mask and packaged so that the skin is safe from damage.


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