JY Doll

JY Doll is a manufacturer of realistic love dolls made with high-quality TPE and silicone, designed to provide users with an amazing experience. The dolls are fully posable and built with a metal frame for strength and flexibility. JY Doll's products are known for their excellent value for money, making them an ideal choice for those looking for a starter doll that won't break the bank. The company sources its products from some of the world's best manufacturers and subjects them to a strict quality control process before they are delivered to customers. Additionally, the dolls can be fully personalized to meet individual preferences, and the friendly team is available to help customers find their perfect match.
      153 products

      153 products



      Wide range of dolls with something for everyone. Very professional site. Easy to order. Delivered on time and undamaged. It’s a very good product and would definitely recommend!

      STUART S.
      Los Angeles, CA

      Great selection of dolls for sex, Excellent customer service

      JEFFREY B.

      Awesome value, amazing feeling body. The love parts feel amazing and attention to detail is fantastic.

      Chris S.

      I am very pleased with the hair, eye and head choices I made. All in all, I made very good choices.

      Doye H.

      They cleaned the seams very well, paint is great, easy to see they care about what they send out the door. Tiny waist with a very soft and fun to squeeze butt.

      Russell P.