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Article: Starpery Sex Doll Heating

Starpery Sex Doll Heating

Starpery Sex Doll Heating

People find it's better the doll can be warm since it's born, it can be nice even in the winter; the cold skin gives us no feeling to the doll. People pull back their hands once they touch the cold doll skin.

So in 2015, the first generation of heating dolls were sold; its method is the heating wire and twined in the metal skeleton. Due to the familiar technique, we heard some dolls were burned from time to time since it's created.

The most common problem is the 1st heating generation is very random. For example, the leg continues heating and gets warm, but the belly is still cold, whole electronic circuits don’t stop the leg part from working, and finally, it burns.

About 2017, the heating supplier provided the 2nd generation heating. The supplier changed the wire to be a cellucotton wrapped in the heating wire. Due to the cellucotton being too much thick and hard. so it usually makes the cellucotton puncture out of the doll’s skin or makes the doll’s skin hard. Due to 2nd generation heating being only changed on the heating plate, no more on the circuit, it has the same problem as 1st generation heating. The supplier lowered the heating power to avoid the TPE/ silicone melt or burn.

It looks pretty reasonable, but due to the high molecular polymer is not good on thermal transmission, so the thick TPE/silicone skin could not be heated up and warm. The thick and hard plate makes workers are hard to fix the dolls in the mold, and caused at least 50% of the body lacks heating.

From above, the low power output, the small heating area, the thick TPE/silicone skin, and finally, 2nd generation heating are useless to warm a doll.

Most of the factories only show 25 degrees and announce that the doll is working, but in fact, it is just room temperature.

In 2022, Starpery stopped the above 1st generation heating function, Starpery reflected on what the heating function is, and they conclude that it should be above 1 degree more than a human being, 37.5 degrees at least, while 40 degrees is better for users. Then the doll is hot.

In the past half year, Starpery tested at least 5 kinds of heating plates. Starpery concerns on the cost, heating speed, energy transfer rate, softness and thickness, and safety. Finally, Starpery chose the grapheme plate as our heating power transfer device.

Starpery redefined 11 areas of our human body. Using different power to heat different body parts, especially for the boobs, ass, and thigh of the dolls. Starpery embed a CPU with 10 temperature sensors in the body. Moreover, the sensor can detect the heating temperature and pass temperature data to the CPU. Finally, the CPU decides to power off or on them separately by it.

Starpery also added a Blue tooth wireless module on the circuit and connected our APP, which is easy for a customer to watch the heating process, and inspect each part's temperature. You will find it is enjoyable to watch your doll become warm. The most important is your doll real warm now. They tried to touch her and hug her. Very fantasy.

Finally, Starpery attached the link to which they test our new heating system 3.0; you can watch how it becomes warm and how warm it is. In the cold winter, I hope it can warm you also.

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