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Article: Male Sex Dolls

Male Sex Dolls

Male Sex Dolls

In the sex toy industry, due to demand forces at play (well, pun intended), it is a well-known fact that women use sex toys more than men. We are all used to seeing images and advertisements of female sex dolls everywhere. But what about male sex dolls? If you are thinking there are no male sex dolls for those who need them, then think again. Though there aren’t as many male sex dolls in the market, there are certainly a healthy number of such love companions for those who desire them.

A 2020 article in the Journal of Medical Internet Research argued that “with ageing societies and a persistent gender gap in life expectancy, we will see a surplus of millions of widows and single older females in developed countries — perhaps another target group for sex dolls.”

More than just a sex doll

Let’s face it: men and women are two different creatures. While it can be said that the majority of men have an almost single-minded focus (read: sex) when they are purchasing a sex doll, it can be argued that women have another agenda on their mind: companionship. Sure, women do make out with their male love dolls (or female dolls, if you will), but buying a male love doll is also about having someone with you through a quiet weekend, nightly bedtime snuggles or simply a big, strong hand to hold on when you feel like it.

Male sex doll features

From an outdoorsy type, or a more clean-shaven look, muscular or just an ordinary salaryman type, ladies, just like their male counterparts, are equally spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a synthetic companion - there’s a feature for almost every need out there.

What are the downsides of a male sex doll?

In terms of build material, there are no distinctions between a male and a female sex doll - they are either made of silicone (make sure you go for medical grade silicone) or TPE (high-end virgin TPE). However, having said that, the weight is an ongoing challenge for most sex doll owners. So, if you would like to go for the tall, strong and muscular type, then do bear in mind that your male doll will be a lot heavier than a modest build.

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