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Hey there, fellow doll enthusiasts! We're here to spill the glittery tea on our fabulous Dolls! But wait, here's the scoop: the doll comes solo, so those snazzy clothes and bling- bling accessories you spy in the photos? Not in the package, folks!
Picture-perfect snaps sometimes flaunt fancy upgrades like a silicone bod, lush hair upgrades, or even envy-inducing body paint in hues like mermaid teal or alien red. Woah, right? But guess what? These glam extras usually aren't in the basic doll deal. Extra pizzazz means extra moolah.
Peek behind the scenes, and you might spot photographers jazzing things up with their own funky wigs. So, heads up, lovelies - nabbing the exact same wig as that dazzling pic? In rare instances, the “Original” Wig is not guaranteed to be available. To choose the wig, scroll down to the wig section on this page. Let's keep those doll vibes fierce, fun, and fashion-forward!
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