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The main disadvantage of TPE is that it is porous and attracts dust easily. Hence, it’s important to take special care to clean your doll regularly. You can consider “semi-wet bathing” her.

Tools required: A large towel, a soft hand towel bottle cleaner, a spray bottle, and an irrigator pump. mild soap, drying rod

Lay your doll down on a large towel on the floor or bed.

Mix mild soap with water. Fill the spray bottle and spray all over your doll’s body. Keep the neck connector hole area dry. Softly spread the liquid soap with your hands to ensure every part of the doll is soaped. Then use a soft towel to tap the doll dry. Do not scrub as it’ll damage/peeling of the TPE. Repeat for the back.

To clean her vagina channel:

Bend the doll’s knees, gently spread the vagina, and insert the soaped bottle cleaner and gently wash her channel like you are washing a bottle. Use the irrigator pump to flush the hole thoroughly. 

Repeat the process for the anal canal. You can also use the irrigator alone by filling it with soapy water. If your sex doll has a removable vagina or penis, you can wash those in the sink with soap and warm water. Rinse well and let it dry.

Move your doll to the bed or replace the wet towels with dry ones. Use a cotton swab to dab any excess water from the eyes, ears, nose and navel. Use a small, dry cloth to dry the inside of the vagina. Then place a tampon inside to hasten the drying process.

Leave your doll to dry. You can use a fan to help it dry faster but keep the doll away from heat. Repeat around the vagina, anus, between the butt cheeks, fingers and toes.

Once she is dry, sprinkle the doll lightly with TPE protection powder and spread it with a makeup brush. This will keep your sex doll feeling smooth and soft while protecting the TPE skin.

An aquarium pump and hose is also popular drying tool. You must make sure the orifices are completely dry to reduce the risk of mould and mildew occurrence.

Sponge bathing of the doll can also be done on a waterproof sheet on the bed. Some may prefer to get a shower chair and shower their dolls.

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