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At DollsActually, we foster a world where men and women are not ashamed of playing with themselves and with a sex doll or a sex toy that are built with nothing but quality materials. We created our sex dolls and sex toys to help people from all over the world satisfy your natural need to be with another and share an intimate experience.

So, you loved what we mentioned above…

We are here to let you know that our mission goes beyond just fulfilling your natural sexual needs as a human. We are here to ultimately bring your fantasies to life!

DollsActually works behind years (8 years and counting) of hyper-realistic sex dolls and sex toys for patrons all over the world. From adorable looking modern-day female sex dolls, petite princess and royalty sex dolls, and even life-like male sex dolls, we are confident we have the perfect sex doll to fulfil even your wildest sexual fantasies. What allows us to do this is our proximity to the world’s most renowned sex dolls and toys.
We are headquartered in the shipping hub of Asia, Singapore, which means you can expect your orders to be shipped a few moments after your purchase. Less time waiting and more time playing.

We strive to provide you with the best shopping experience. Please call/Whatsapp +65 88767022 or email us at, if you have any enquiries or require any assistance.

You deserve the best, and we'll do whatever it takes to give it to you.

At, we strive to offer our clients the absolute best. Therefore, we operate with two, simple core values, quality products and quality service. In addition, we view your desire to purchase a sex doll as an important investment, not only monetarily, but in your sexual pleasure and overall happiness. Which is why we offer the best in customer care from the day you begin window shopping on the website until long after the purchase of your sex doll companion. In addition to quality customer care and high-quality sex dolls, we offer you:

• Shipping to clients all over the world free of charge.
• A guarantee that ensures your sex doll is sheer perfection upon arrival or we will make it right.
• After-sales customer care.
• 24-7 customer service and contact via chat, phone or email.
• The finest sex doll companions curated from the best artists and manufacturers.
• A beautiful, diverse, and comprehensive collection of sex dolls that expands with industry improvements.
• Personalized customer care from sex doll professionals as we are NOT just another doll reseller. In fact, we own and handle sex dolls and share hands-on tips and advice.

Absolutely not. We are authorized retailers of the most popular and high-quality sex dolls in the world. Aside from offering our clients the best in customer care, we guarantee our sex dolls are quality, genuine, name-brand products from designers like JY, Irontech, WM, Zelex, Game Lady, Starpery, Top Sino and YL, among others. Furthermore, we guarantee our sex dolls are authentic by:

Visiting the designers and manufacturers. Doing walk-throughs of the manufacturing facilities. Checking manufacturer’s quality-control procedures. Inspecting our dolls to ensure our clients get only the best.Physically handling the dolls ourselves so we can tell you how they look, feel and perform.Full transparency: we will never tell you a doll is manufactured in the USA if it’s not!

At, we are sex doll experts. Unlike most vendors’
drop-shipping the entire range of their dolls, we carry ready stocks as well.
We are constantly adding to our inventories of ready stock dolls. That means,
you can expect to save weeks of manufacturer lead time so you can have your new
companion very much faster. Less waiting time and more play time if you buy
from the ready stock range. Also, not only do we sell the top brands in sex
dolls, but we are also constantly working to ensure that those dolls meet our
quality standards. We do that through our in-person, 4 step inspection process.
Factory authentication. We have visited each manufacturing facility and walked
through the process of making your sex doll. From the moment the order is
received until your sex doll companion is carefully packaged and ready for
shipping, we have witnessed each step of the quality inspection. Yes, we have
inspected each manufacturing facility’s quality inspection department to ensure
that they meet our high expectations. Furthermore, we ensure not a single
detail is overlooked when your sex doll is being created. Our sex dolls are
made to order, meaning, they aren’t churned out by the thousands and kept
lingering in the warehouse. Each step of the creation process is detailed and
completed by hand. Therefore, between each fabricating station, the sex dolls
must be stored properly to ensure the doll maintains her perfect shape and
beauty. Packing and shipping inspection. Once your sex doll is completed, it is
packaged with the utmost deliberation so that your doll arrives at your home in
pristine condition. This involves carefully wrapping the sex doll’s hands and
arms, feet, and legs to prevent bending and movement during the shipping
process. In addition, your doll’s beautiful head is protected with an eye mask
and packaged so that the skin is safe from damage.

We accept payment by Paypal. We feel it is the fairest form of payment as it gives both you and us adequate protection against unauthorized transactions. 

  • PayPal
  • PayPal Credit (Sex dolls on finance)
  • PayPal Invoice me (We send an invoice via PayPal).
  • We also accept payment in the following currencies:

🇦🇺 AUD, 🇨🇦 CAD, 🇨🇭 CHF, 🇩🇰 DKK, 🇪🇺 EUR, 🇬🇧 GBP, 🇯🇵 JPY, 🇳🇴 NOK, 🇸🇪 SEK, 🇺🇸 USD


Security & privacy:

  • All payments are 100% secure and discreet.
  • Our company name does not appear on any statements. There will be no mention of sex dolls your statements, it will simply say: CHAMPS

Comprehensive guarantee

Customer service is extremely important to us and we want our customers to feel confident when they purchase from us. 

If your doll is damaged in transit or has a manufacturing fault, you may be entitled to a replacement. Please email us videos/ photographs and do not "use" the doll as this could void any rights to refund/return your goods. 

We have a money-back guarantee that our dolls are 100% authentic, but we do also have a strict returns policy in line for obvious reasons (hygiene).

For more information please view our Returns & Refunds policy

Customer service is extremely important to us and we want our customers to feel confident when they purchase from us, we like (wherever possible) to facilitate our customer’s requests to change or cancel their order. So, please contact us if you’d like to discuss this. 

If you have purchased a customised product from us, you can change your specifications (within the limitations we normally allow) free of charge, for up to 48 hours after your order has been placed. We may also accept requests to change your order after 48hrs, depending on the circumstances and the request itself. Requests to change your order can be submitted here

If you want to cancel your order completely and your order has already been processed and production has begun but has not yet been shipped, you may be charged a cancellation fee. Please take your time with choosing and you will be fine. 

For more detailed information on cancellations and returns, please view our Returns & Refunds page return and refund here. 

Cancellation & returns

The guarantee covers your sex doll’s entire main structure - skeleton, arms, legs, fingers and toes - as well as her outside appearance, skin and eyes from any defects.

Fortunately, those defects are extremely rare because of the premium quality our manufacturers put into every doll. In addition, you will see your sex doll before he or she even leaves the factory! That way, you can approve every inch
of your doll before they are packaged and shipped your way. 

However, in those rare cases of damage occurring during shipping, we have you covered.

Therefore, as soon as your sex doll arrives and you begin the exciting job of unboxing him/her, it’s important to pay close attention to the frame, appendages, skin and body. Note any damage or major flaws, take photographs, and contact us
within 24 hours.

We pride ourselves on great customer service, and we will always genuinely try to solve any issues you have with your purchase, however, the sex doll industry has extremely strict laws and regulations in regard to "used" sex toys that we do not control. In order to qualify for a money-back guarantee, your doll must be ‘as new’ (not used), and in the original packaging. 

If you have used the doll, please contact us and we will always do our best to fix any issues or problems you have. 

We pride ourselves on great customer service, and we will always genuinely try to solve any issues you have with your purchase, however, the sex doll industry has extremely strict laws and regulations in regard to "used" sex toys that we do not control. In order to qualify for a money-back guarantee, your doll must be ‘as new’ (not used), and in the original packaging. 

If you have used the doll, please contact us and we will always do our best to fix any issues or problems you have. 

Minor imperfections are not considered damage and are not covered by our money-back guarantee. Minor imperfections include skin blemishes, scratches, marks, compression marks, dents, micro-cuts, slight variations in the skin's surface, loose or missing fingernails/toenails, loose or missing eyelashes, minor discrepancies and inconsistency with facial make-up, and/ or body make-up. 

Minor skin imperfections and slight variations in the skin's surface caused by the manufacturing process such as injection sites and seam lines from the moulds are not considered defects and are not covered by our money-back guarantee. We like to think of these as "birthmarks" that make your doll unique. 

Minor skin damage caused by courier/transport companies that is easily repairable, such as slight cuts, abrasions etc on the skin where DollsActually can provide assistance and tools to repair. Customers are expected to make reasonable attempts to repair as per DollsActually's advice.

Finger & toenails on the dolls occasionally become loose during transit. If they are loose, simply remove them and re-apply with nail glue as guided in our cleaning & maintenance page.

Eyelashes occasionally can also become loose, simply follow the instructions as guided in our cleaning & maintenance page.

Every doll is hand-made, including the application of semi-permanent makeup. As a result, there will be minor discrepancies with every doll being slightly unique. You will receive photos of your doll before it is shipped from the workshop. If the makeup is substantially different from what you were expecting, this will be noticed and can be rectified before the doll leaves the workshop. We trust that customers will point out any issues when viewing the photos sent via email. 

As above, used dolls are not eligible for, but we are open to resolving issues and helping where we can. 

User damage – If any damage is deemed to be caused by mishandling or negligence by the customer, the doll will not be covered. This includes hyperextension of limbs and tears caused by mishandling. We reserve the right to review the doll and evaluate the source of damage with all the information provided. A final decision will be made at the discretion of DollsActually

If you have made any specific requests or have custom requirements (including change of skin colour/ nipple size/ vagina colour etc), your doll is considered customised and made to order for you and you only. We will happily discuss returning and refunding the sex doll if you are not happy with it, but we cannot guarantee a refund. Your case will be considered individually. 

Price Match

Found your favourite doll cheaper somewhere else? Well, you're in luck! Not only do we price match, we price beat! We review all requests on a case-by-case basis, so there's no harm in trying. Here's a few things to consider before you get started.

Competitor’s prices need to be displayed on their website & available to all customers. The price must apply to identical products and include any upgrades, customisations or extras. (Please provide screenshots for verification). The product must come with the same conditions of sale, delivery & service that we offer. We do not price match products that you have already purchased. We do not price match counterfeit or replica dolls. 

We protect you by providing the utmost care, privacy, and customer support. Additionally, we constantly monitor the sex doll industry and the internet to keep you updated on any scams and look-alike sex doll websites. Here are just a few tips for identifying sex doll scam sites and look-alikes:

The Doll Forum keeps acomprehensive list of sex doll scammers. If it’s too good to be true, it’s likely a scam. Incredibly low prices (under $1000) are a huge red flag. Some sites make mini-dolls and pass them off as full-sized sex dolls. Watch for sellers that provide child-sized sex dolls. Avoid listing sites like Ebay, Alibaba and Amazon Sellers (unless factory direct).

Customization & Delivery Timeline

A brief explanation of all the custom sex doll options to help you build your perfect love doll.

Visit: What do the options mean?

Disclaimer: The following timeline is an estimated timeline only and should not be read as a "promise" of delivery times. The
following timeline does not account for delays caused by extremely busy periods, holiday seasons including Chinese New Year, and any delays caused by unforeseen circumstances (including COVID-19). The total average time
from order to delivery is 3 - 6 weeks. This can be longer or shorter depending on your location, your choice of doll, the time of year and the manufacturer of your doll. Fabrication times are longer for silicone dolls.

This is an estimated production and delivery timeline for our dolls.  We aim to process orders and ship all our products out as quickly as possible so you can enjoy your new doll asap, but please be aware that your doll is made to order (even if it is

All dolls are delivered using the services of UPS or FedEx, depending on your location. 

This timeline is an estimate. It is also the same for ALL authentic sex doll vendors as we all draw from the same workshops, please be wary of any vendor claiming uber-quick delivery times as they simply cannot produce a customised doll and ship it to you all within 3 days.

*Queue times vary depending on manufacturer, model and time of year, ranging from 1 day to 2 weeks+ for very popular, or new release dolls. If you would like an estimate of the queue times for your specific doll, please contact our friendly team before placing your order.

**Some exceptions to production and delivery times include extremely busy periods, holiday seasons, including CNY, and any unforeseen circumstances (Like COVID-19). If there are delays to your order, we will keep you updated.

**We are currently experiencing a higher-than-normal delay with delivery times due to the global coronavirus pandemic. Please check with us to get a realistic time frame of delivery on live chat.

Placing an order

Ordering your (pre-configured) realistic sex doll is as easy as 1, 2, 3... 

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Ordering a custom doll is just as easy...

Have a look through Our Full Collection for inspiration and take a note of what you like. Choose your dollClick "Custom Made" and select your customisations.Add to cart & check out

If you are unsure about anything, please do not hesitate to contact us before you place your order, we are happy to help.

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