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At Dolls Actually, we greatly value the trust of our customers. Our products are designed to deliver an amazing experience. We want you to feel confident - So we offer a full money-back guarantee on all orders. If Dolls Actually’ products arrive damaged or significantly mis-described we'll either offer you a replacement or a refund (when a replacement is not possible). It’s that simple. 


Make sure to inspect the products immediately on delivery when you receive your shipment. It is very important not to use your doll before the inspection. Make sure to record a video of unpacking and inspecting. Also, make sure to take photos of the box and the doll when inspecting it. Make sure to contact us by phone or through e-mail. When reporting an issue, please specify as detailed as possible, the exact problem/s. Please include any clear photos and videos specifying the problem. 


Using of Doll Or Opening The Original Packaging Is Not Allowed

The money back guarantee will not be applicable If you have already used the doll. The sex doll industry has very strict laws related to hygiene and cleanliness to prevent many STDs, therefore, once the packaging of the sex doll or the sex toys has been opened up, the returns will not be possible and hence money-back guarantee will be become null and void.

Skin Imperfections And Variations During Manufacturing are Not Covered

Just like human skin variations, there might be slight variations in the skins of the sex doll. This is normal during the doll-making process and it will not be covered under a money back guarantee.

Minor Skin Damage During Shipping Is Not Covered

Although the sex dolls are already checked before shipping, it’s possible that minor skin damage may occur during the shipping process. This includes, broken nails, minor cuts and slight abrasions. All these can be easily fixed and therefore will not be covered under money-back guarantee. The broken nails can be easily attached with TPE safe glue and cuts can be repaired using simple tools as well.

Eyelashes and Makeup Variation Is Not Covered

We pride ourselves on providing the best products and we only provide the best sex dolls and sex toys. All our sex dolls are uniquely made with hands including the application of eyelashes. Eyelashes occasionally can also become loose, simply follow the instructions as guided in our How to replace eyelashes on a sex doll page. After the production process is completed the make up is applied with hands as well. As a result, each doll turns into a uniquely made product with its own appearance and character. We like to think of it as a doll having its own ‘personality’. Due to these variations as compared to original pictures and images on the website, the dolls might look slightly different. These are normal and should not cause any concern.

Buyer induced damages, and neglect Is not covered.

Any damage caused by the buyer to dolls like mishandling, limb extension, skin damage, hair damage or any other problem caused by the buyer will not be covered under this money-back guarantee.

In case of any questions or queries make sure to contact us at:

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