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Article: Loneliness Can Be Reduced By Sex Dolls

Loneliness Can Be Reduced By Sex Dolls

Loneliness Can Be Reduced By Sex Dolls

Because of the rapid advancement of 'Artificial Intelligence,' robot sex dolls have wide applications (AI). British scientists have discovered that robots can be used for more than just long-term care, but also for 'AI physical dolls' that can help elderly people living alone overcome loneliness.

Nancy Jecker of the University of Washington published "Nothing to be ashamed of AI sex dolls for older individuals with disabilities" in the Journal of Medical Ethics. According to the article, 'AI sex dolls' could improve the physical and mental health of elderly people who live alone or have physical impairments. While adult sex dolls are commonly viewed as humanoid toys for bachelors and geeks to address their erotic and psychological problems, she notes that they are also a source of comfort for the elderly and disabled as they approach their golden years. The thesis is about breaking the illusion of the physical doll and reinventing it as a product for the elderly and disabled. She believes that the individual's dignity is the most critical factor in old friendship. The elderly's greatest fear is being treated as worthless and without a sense of self within the family. Because it is difficult to talk about intimacy and you don't know who to talk to about it, sex is the most pressing but least discussed topic among older people.

As a result, she suggests that "AI sex dolls" have the basic capabilities of realistic love dolls and the ability to communicate with the mind via embraces and dialogues. Even the development of realistic sex dolls for people with yellow hair, widows, widowers, and the disabled would upset current market trends. She claims that the goal is to preserve human dignity and examine the genuine "desires" of people who have been forced to limit their emotional demands due to handicaps and isolation. Furthermore, the lovely sex doll can be a good listener; it simply listens quietly and does not leave or return a load of dry words that can shatter a lonely person's heart like glass".

Love is a fundamental human desire that brings happiness and optimism. Its absence will be detrimental to both the body and the mind, causing physical discomfort, psychological anxiety, and sadness. Actual sex dolls, on the one hand, serve as a friend for the elderly, allowing their bodies to produce hormones that make people happy; on the other hand, they provide parents with a distraction from thinking about their children, as if they have a new child.

Health is a valuable asset; the happier you are, the healthier you are. Alzheimer's disease, insomnia, and various cardiovascular and physical health issues can occur in older adults who lack the mental component of discussing and caring for their dolls. Dressing up your lifelike sex dolls, conversing with them, and caring for them are all enjoyable activities that will keep you happy and healthy.

According to the study's findings, practical emotional communication skills are related to the ability to live at any age. What distinguishes a person as a human is not simply living but having a true "life" and doing something worthwhile. Human dignity is inextricably linked to relationships and bodily integrity.

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