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Article: Does Sex Gets Better As The Doll Gets Older?

Does Sex Gets Better As The Doll Gets Older?

Does Sex Gets Better As The Doll Gets Older?

Let’s admit it, we all fear that our intimate life with a sex doll might get stale after a while. So, it’s only natural for you to be curious, if not a bit worried, as to how your sex life will be with a love doll – does it get better with time, or you will have to seek the carnal comforts from a new doll? After some research, we have managed to find a concrete and relatively detailed answer to this question.

By interacting with some sex doll owners, we have drawn an observation that sheds light on the intimacy and overall sex life of an adult love doll. Now, without further delays, let’s proceed to the subject.


Have some patience

One could say that sex with a love doll is like fine wine. It gets better as it ages. You get more comfortable with your beloved doll as you spend more time with her. You get to open up more to your doll partner, who breaks the shyness away. Stemming from this fact, you also get more familiar with your sex doll, which means it becomes easier for you to maintain and take care of her without needing external help.

Many doll lovers also mention that after a while, the stiff joints and areas of a doll become loose, which makes “things” more comfortable for them. It is also mentioned by doll manufacturers that a sex doll will feel somewhat stiff in your initial days. But after spending a few nights with her, this stiffness dies down.


Experience is the key.

We all have heard the old saying, ‘Practice makes perfect.’ The exact logic applies to a sex doll as well. Contrary to what many might think, it takes time to adjust to an adult love doll. So, if you think that you will hit it off with your new sex doll by spending a few hours with her, then you are being hasty here. It takes a while for doll owners to adapt to the new dynamics. Being with a sex doll is a whole new experience, and you will need some time to adjust to it, and yes, we mean sex as well. Being intimate with a sex doll requires some, okay, a lot of practice. You must ensure that your “intimate ideas” don’t damage the doll. You must also perfect your technique to derive complete pleasure from the sex doll experience.

As you grow more experienced with your doll partner, you will witness a positive change in your sex life. You will notice that the level of intimacy has increased with your doll as now you know what you are doing.


Try new things.

Now, let’s look at the other side of the coin. While it is true that doll owners get more comfortable around their sex dolls as time passes, it is also true that many of them witness a loss of passion and excitement in sex. We, humans, are always on the lookout for something new that can stimulate our senses. Doing the same thing repeatedly can turn it into a boring chore, no matter how trophic it is. The same can happen with your sex life with a love doll. You will start to lose interest in her, and you might feel the magic has evaporated completely. This is something that many doll owners start to feel after spending a lot of time with their beloved doll partners.

If you think changing your doll is the right way out of this boredom, you are heading in the wrong direction. You don’t need to change your doll, just the pattern. To elaborate, you need to spice up your sex life through roleplays, foreplays, and dress-ups, and you get the idea. You can also make things kinky by trying out BDSM and anal. The key phrase here is -break the routine.


Every doll lover is curious to know how things will turn out with their sex doll. Here, we have given out a few observations that explain how your sex life will pan out with your love doll. For the most part, sex does get better after a while with a sex doll. This is because you get more experienced and comfortable around your beloved doll. However, there is another facet to this equation. After spending a prolonged period with your doll, you might feel that the excitement is slowly fading away. But you can fix the scenario by becoming more kinky and creative with your sexual ideas. All you need to do is try something new with your love doll, and bingo! It becomes all good again.

All in all, sex life with an adult love doll becomes spicier after a while. Your sex life gets much hotter as you get cozier around your doll.

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