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Article: Where To Buy A Sex Doll? 10 Essential Rules To Avoid Scams!

Where To Buy A Sex Doll? 10 Essential Rules To Avoid Scams!

Where To Buy A Sex Doll? 10 Essential Rules To Avoid Scams!

You've been looking for the perfect sex doll for a while and think you've found her now. You want to claim her because of her beautiful face and alluring figure. However, you are having a problem with authenticity. Unfortunately, the majority of sex doll websites market counterfeit goods. For advice on spotting reliable websites, read this article to be sure you're purchasing a genuine product.

Avoid Buying from Amazon, AliExpress/Alibaba, or eBay

Leading sex doll producers avoid well-known marketplaces like Aliexpress, DHgate, eBay, and Amazon when selling their goods. These websites serve as public markets where anybody can offer products for sale. Unfortunately, a lot of merchants make use of them to list cheap imitation dolls with photographs that were stolen.

Check the Prices Carefully

It's a good idea to consider the dolls' costs when assessing a sex doll shop's legitimacy. Genuine sex dolls are not sold on websites for less than $1,000. Therefore if dolls there are, it's probably a hoax (excluding miniature dolls). High-quality silicone sex dolls can range from $2,000 to $5,000. In comparison, high-quality TPE sex dolls typically cost between $1,500 and $2,000+ (depending on the manufacturer and size).

Pay Attention to Brand Names

On their websites, reputable sellers of sex dolls often display the product's brand, such as Game Lady Dolls. These well-known companies don't need to conceal themselves because they are renowned for offering high-quality goods. Consider a website where the brand name is not shown prominently. If so, they'll offer unbranded or knockoff dolls made with stolen artwork for sale. Furthermore, it suggests fake goods if a website represents itself as a brand. Yet, the images utilized are from another brand.

Take Note of Their English Quality

A sex doll store's legitimacy may frequently be determined by the standard of English used on its website. Many Chinese producers and marketers of replica dolls build English-language websites to reach Western consumers, even if minor grammatical or spelling problems could be acceptable. An indication that the website needs more credibility could be better English. It's advisable to stay away from websites with glaring and persistent language and spelling mistakes.

Try Inquiring to Get a Sense of their Customer Service

Before making a purchase, it's a good idea to get in touch with a website's customer care service to see how reliable it is. There are live chat options on many websites, but they are rarely used. See how quickly and effectively they react when you send them an email. Another excellent feature is a phone number to reach them at. Imagine that they are kind and professional, provide a timely response, and answer all your questions in good English. If so, it is evidence that the website may be trusted.

Look for Clues of Dishonesty or Incompetency

Several vital signs include:

  • Only height is considered when customizing options. Genuine websites frequently place more emphasis on proportion than just size. An indication of an Alibaba or Aliexpress seller is frequently a height chart or table in the product description.
  • Vast numbers of customer evaluations are suspicious since they frequently need more detail, have generic names, or come from various countries.
  • Different companies' customization choices are offered incorrectly or inconsistently, which can signify a seller of fake dolls.
  • Sellers frequently utilize keyword-rich product names and descriptions to sway Google into sending them traffic.
  • Miniscule costs for large, high-quality dolls. Genuine brands seldom provide significant reductions.
  • The domain names of counterfeit vendors are frequently odd and absurd and contain several hyphens or many search terms.
  • Content that has been copied from another website can be identified using Google.
  • Scam websites sometimes employ pressure techniques, such as phony countdown timers or alerts of low supply.

It's ideal to buy from a reliable, independent website run by a seasoned seller that only sells top-notch sex dolls and is dedicated to providing outstanding customer support. Vendors should be open and honest about their goods, giving interested buyers adequate information to make knowledgeable choices. They must provide excellent customer service and be ready to address any questions about the dolls.

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