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Article: 9 Awesome Lessons From Sex Dolls

9 Awesome Lessons From Sex Dolls

9 Awesome Lessons From Sex Dolls

So when people think of Sex Dolls, they often think of only one thing. But today, we will look at 9 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Sex Dolls.

Sex Doll Lesson 9.

How you treat your sex doll says a lot about the type of person you are. After all, these dolls are expensive and require upkeep to ensure they stay in good shape and are ready whenever you desire them. Your care and attention to the doll's needs reflect how you care and attend to real women (or men). However, don't be upset if you find yourself in the category of a misbehaved caretaker. Realizing this is the first step to change! Look at your doll and her condition, and think about how you treat it. If you find you are subpar in this area, change your behavior! Think about how you would ideally be treated by your loved one and mimic this treatment to the doll. Practicing her will put you in a much better position in your next relationship.

Sex Doll Lesson 8.

Often times people are nervous about experimenting with positions. Shyness and embarrassment are reasons that are often used when people are asked if they try different sexual positions with their real-life partners. Sex dolls can help you overcome those reasons by making you comfortable in different sexual positions. In fact, when engaging in sex during unusual or under-practiced positions, muscle cramping can, and often does, occur. For this reason, sex dolls will help train your body for your future sexual flavor!

Sex Doll Lesson 7.

Sex dolls can exploit your true sexual desires. Many people don't realize how underserved they are until they purchase a sex doll. If you find you are having sexual intercourse with your doll frequently, you can probably assume that you aren't getting a healthy amount of sex with a real partner. Having a strong libido and engaging in sexual activity is healthy for your mind, spirit, and body. So whether it's a natural person or an absolute doll, you will get the health benefits associated with an active sexual life.

Sex Doll Lesson 6.

Can you lift and position your new sex doll? Sex dolls are heavy, very heavy considering they have steel skeletons and a lot of flesh over top of it! And don’t forget that a doll is a dead weight, meaning your doll won’t help in the process of moving or positioning her or his self. At least at this time. Sexual robots are being designed and tested, but are still far off into the future. So in other words, your sex doll will tell you if you are in good physical shape or if its time for you to hit the gym!

Sex Doll Lesson 5.

Attention to detail is necessary if you own and maintain a beautiful doll. Sometimes, a nail, eyelash, or makeup comes off the doll. Your attention to detail will be needed to refresh your doll as needed. Many women won't have a problem with this, but it may be a different story for us guys. Your doll's careful upkeep and refreshing are essential to its continued beauty. Your patience and attention to detail will be tested as you learn how to paint toes and fingernails, put on makeup and attach new eyelashes. Good Luck, no, really, it's not that bad, and you learn more about what your real-life partner goes through to look their best for you!

Sex Doll Lesson 4.

Communicating about sex can be uncomfortable for many! Someone will inevitably run upon your sex doll despite your exhaustive attempts to hide it. No worries, though; sex dolls are becoming a norm in society. No longer are toys just made for women! As a matter of fact, the adult toy industry is feverishly producing male sex toys to keep up with the demand from men. Don't be embarrassed or uncomfortable, be proud of your doll and her beauty! After all, you paid good money and spent a lot of time with her; what's to be embarrassed about? Almost every woman in America owns a vibrator of some type, so be shy no more! Also, if you think for one minute that you could leave one of your guy friends alone in a room with a sex doll, and they wouldn't go to town on it, you're wrong!

Sex Doll Lesson 3.

Many people are completely surprised by how realistic modern sex dolls are. Looking at pictures is one thing, but once you see the actual doll you purchased, you will learn just how far the industry has come in creating life-like sex dolls that rival the beauty of a real woman (or man). They come in wide varieties, from fit sex dolls to fat dolls.

Sex Doll Lesson 2.

Money saved. You will realize how much a relationship costs once you replace your real woman or a man with a doll counterpart. Outside of their initial cost, there are no gifts to purchase, no food and drinks, no honey-do lists to spend money on, no demands for plastic surgery or cosmetic changes as they age, no extra gas or vehicle expenses, and the list goes on. You will get a long-term sexual partner without the ongoing costs associated with a real relationship.

Sex Doll Lesson 1.

Commitment to self-interests. How many of you would love a real relationship but lack time and energy? Development of yourself and your own career is essential. Many young professionals need to focus on their career education, and dedicating more time to a job or entrepreneurship goals is often needed. This self-development can be hindered by a real relationship. However, owning a sex doll can give you the best of both worlds. You will have a beautiful ready, willing companion to come home to each night. And you will have the extra time, energy, and money needed to develop yourself to better afford the costs of a future relationship.

While there are many things you can learn about yourself from doll ownership, the most important thing you will learn is how great they actually are to own. Having gone most of my life without owning one, I now wonder why I didn't make the commitment long before now. Enjoy your doll and all the lessons and experiences you gain from it, and be sure to share with others where to buy sex dolls.

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